Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe – Galveston

Venue: Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe
Address: 413 20th Street, Galveston, TX 77550
Hours/ Days Open: only in the evenings Wednesday – Saturday (Closed Sunday -Tuesday)
Phone: (409) 762-9199
Visit  Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe Website Here
Description: “Many “stumble” upon the Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe, but most seek this venue with the intention of immersion into a soulfully delectable ; seasoned ; night of lyrical treats!  The Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe is infamously known for musical talents such as Townes Van Zandt, Blaze Foley, Wrecks Bell, Hayes Carll, Jesse Dayton, Sisters Morales,Adam Carroll, Shake Russell, Bert Wills, Dusty Hill, Eric Taylor, Big Walter, Mance Liscomb, Lucinda Williams, Guy Clark, Joe Ely, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Ramnlin Jack Eliott, Butch Hancock, Butch Morgan, John Evans Band,Southern Backtones, Flamin Hellcats, Come See My Dead Person, Paula Nelson, Terri Hendrix, Lloyd Maines, Marina Rocks, Larry Joe Taylor, Johnny Guest, Hemmeridge Mountain Boys, Secret Agent 8, Citizen Change, Al &John Staehely, Kam Ling, Freddie Steady Krc, Danny Smidt & Carrie Elkin , Dave Olney & Sergio Webb, Eric Nolen & More!  Folk Legend Wrecks Bell owns and operates the club in Galveston, Texas, opening his doors Wednesday through Saturday nights”.

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